Monday, May 9, 2011

A Great Disaster - Revive LP

A Great Disaster is an Americana/roots band stationed out of East Tennessee. Founded by Zach Ross, the band blends folk, rock, bluegrass and soul to create their rootsy sound. In April, they self-released their debut, Revive, and are currently unsigned.

Highlighting their distinct sound, the album opens with a fiddle-heavy honky-tonk-influenced rock number, “Masochist,” while the subdued “Head Start” follows the lively kick-off highlighting Evie Andrus' pensive fiddle. “Easy to Hide” has Zach Ross showcasing his abilities on an electric guitar solo and more of Evie Andrus' fiddle. Then, the album takes a surprising turn using horns in the mid-tempo shuffle of “All the Kids Left.” And I really love the soulful performance and arrangement on “Ballad of Bruce the Bird” and the country-folk vibe and great fiddle playing on “Mountaintop Church.”

A Great Disaster's debut, Revive, is a raw yet respectable effort showcasing Andrus' excellent fiddle work and the band's promise. Youth is on their side and with a little more work on the female vocals and refining of harmonies this band could produce an even better album.

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  1. You all are awsome!!!! i watched you all play at lake marina on june 14. i was sitting right in front of you all. you all were so GREAT!!! i also thought the bass player was good too, and he is cute. Anyways thank you all for playing, i love A GREAT DISASTER!!!!!

  2. You all were AWSOME at lake marina last night. you all rocked it. i am a huge fan, love you guys!